{ A Girl Who Really, Really Loves Design }

ashleyAs a child I was always interested in being creative. I would draw, color, make up games and stories. While that may not seem any different than most children, I kept with it while most just let it fade away. I would be inspired by a song I heard or an event in my life and would start sketching. I looked at the world in a different way than most of my friends. I saw things for their beauty and meaning and especially how it applied to me as a person.

It wasn't until the end of high school I learned I could apply my creative ideas and put them on the computer. I
learned I could make posters, cd covers, and just play with images. At first I figured it was just a hobby, until I took my first Graphic Design course. It was then that I realized this is what I should do with my life.

Ever since I have looked for new ways to do what I have always done. I was learning new programs, and how to use the skills I already had, to create the ideas I always had flowing through my head.

My name is Ashley Lovell, I am a very laid back, creative person and throughout my life have always been. In my spare time I look for things that will stimulate my mind, whether that is a movie, music, or an interesting video game. I love to travel and I love a positive outlook on life, so I choose to surround myself with people and things which make me happy and will keep me positive.

Recently I have graduated from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale with a degree in Art with a specialty in Communication Design. I currently work for a small web and graphic design company but am hoping to extend my experience in the graphic design career. Being a graphic designer is definitely my passion in life, so I hope to bring my experience to others and continue to educate myself in everything the graphic design field has to offer.